One-size-fits-some isn’t good enough

Not everyone can work 9-5. Not everyone can get to an office. And in the digital age, they shouldn’t have to.

The widespread adoption of workstyle will make it possible for millions of people to access work they would otherwise have been excluded from.

This is for carers. For those with autism. For people with long term illnesses. For people living with disabilities. For those with mental health issues. For parents. For older people.

For you. For everyone. Forever.

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We refresh work
to work for everyone

The Hoxby Foundation works to eliminate the gap between the number of people from excluded groups who want to work and the number who actually do.

This can’t be done by tweaking an inflexible, industrial-age system. It can’t be done through ‘flexible working’. We need to fundamentally change the system. To refresh the world of work so we can each decide our own workstyle.

Neurodiversity: 77% of people with Autism want to work but only 32% do
Mental Health: 43% of people with mental health problems are in employment compared to 74% of the general population
Chronic Illness: Over half of people with long term conditions say that health is a barrier to the work they can do
Physical Disability: 82% of people without disabilities work but only 53% of people with physical disabilities do
Caring: 61% of carers don’t do paid work. 50% of non working carers would like a job
Ageing: Only 39% of retiring workers do so voluntarily, the majority would prefer to continue working in some capacity
Parenting: 86% of working parents want to work flexibly but only 49% do
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“Carers are expected to have junior positions or shift jobs, as if our personal circumstances limit what we can offer. The lack of self-fulfilment creates a huge emotional void.”
Katerina Gilbert, Brand and Creative Strategy Consultant

We work in partnership to deliver change

We’ve successfully used workstyle since 2015 and helped over 1,000 people to do the same. Now we’re joining forces with charities, social enterprises and forward-thinking companies to deliver pioneering projects that allow more people to do fulfilling work while setting their own workstyle.

We are proud members of the following:

But we can only change the world with your help

Partner With Us

Could you work with us on a pilot project that closes the gap between the numbers of excluded people who want to work and those that actually do?

We’re looking for forward-thinking industry and charity partners who are ready to leave the industrial age of work behind and enable more people to access fulfilling work through workstyle.

If you believe in the power of workstyle to change lives, we’d love to hear from you.

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One day, everyone will work this way

The Hoxby Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of Hoxby – a community of more than 1,000 freelancers across 43 countries.

Working with clients like Unilever, AIA, Merck and WarnerMedia, Hoxby was founded on the belief that all ‘Hoxbies’ should have the complete freedom to choose when and where they work – their own workstyle.

The Hoxby Foundation is founded on the belief that everyone should have that same choice, and we will not stop until everyone works this way.

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Partner with us